Nowadays, our society is subject to permanent change.


Consequently, it becomes evident that the future will bring great changes in the labour market related to industry 4.0.

Over the years, new technologies, population aging in occidental societies and climate change have assumed a very important role in the development of changes in labour relations. As a result, it becomes of the utmost importance to rethink work in a sustainable manner in order to reach and set targets for 2030.

These targets are fundamental as we are responsible for anticipating new challenges and making sure that the Law is able to cope with and provide answers for all of the forthcoming changes.

Call for papers

Rethinking the future of work

We invite everyone to be part of this debate through the submission of proposals for papers in the following tracks:

I – The impact of robotics and new technologies in work

II – Work in the context of technologic entrepreneurship start ups

III – Industrial Relations and the Environment

IV – Work taxes and social security in a global economy and mobility of workers

V – Personal data in the context of labour law

VI – Population ageing and oncologic diseases in the context of Labour Law

VII - Employment clauses not to compete in a global economy

VIII – The future of Labour Law in the EU

Papers can be presented through traditional seminars (20 minutes each speaker) or poster presentation “TEDtalk” style” (5 minutes). Seminars proposals can be accepted, but for that purpose, please contact the organization.  
All scholars interested in presenting papers on topics related to the subject of the Congress are invited to submit an abstract and title in English/Spanish/Portuguese up to 500 words. Abstracts should be submitted in the event’s website by 15 April at the latest.

The best papers will be published in a book dedicated to the Congress that should provide a new academic trend for the future of work.

15 April 2017| Deadline for abstract submission
23 April 2017 | Deadline for selection of abstracts
23 to 26 April 2017 | Announcement of selected abstracts
15 June 2017|Deadline for Registration of selected speakers and submission of the final version of selected papers

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Confirmed Speakers

International Scientific Committee

  • Prof. María Emilia Casas Baamonde
  • Professor of Labour Law and Social Security. Complutense University of Madrid. Ex-President of Constitutional Court. Spain.
  • Prof. Jesús Cruz Villalón
  • Professor of Labour Law and Social Security. University of Seville. President Spanish Association of Labour Law and Social Security. Spain.
  • Prof. Franck Héas
  • Professor of Labour Law. University of Nantes. France.
  • Prof. Frank Hendrickx
  • Professor of Labour Law. University of Leuven. President of Belgium Association of Labour Law. Belgium.
  • Prof. Nicole Maggi-Germain
  • Maître de conférences in Social Law, University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Director of Institute of Social Sciences and Labour. France.
  • Prof. Maria Rosario Palma Ramalho
  • Professor of Labour Law. President of Portuguese Association of Labour Law. Portugal.
  • Prof. Juan Raso Delgue
  • Professor of Labour Law and Social Security. Faculty of Law of University of the Republic. Uruguay.
  • Prof. Achim Seifert
  • Professor. University of Jena. Germany.
  • Labour 2030

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